I’m Jeremy Kridel, rabbi at Machar, the Washington Congregation for Humanistic Judaism. I’m a graduate of and was ordained a rabbi by the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. I’m also co-editor of Humanistic Judaism, the magazine of the Society for Humanistic Judaism, of which Machar is an affiliated community.

I also am a licensed attorney, but I AM NOT AND WILL NOT BE YOUR ATTORNEY. Don’t ask; I won’t accept. I don’t practice for the public.

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    • Having been an IT professional for a decade before law school, I’m aware of what all capital letters means. I’m also aware of and highly cognizant of the nature of attorney regulation in the United States and I am unwilling to risk any ambiguity that could threaten my law license. I appreciate your concern, but my legal obligations are more important to me than a point of internet etiquette.

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