“All of which are American dreams”

“All of which are American dreams.”

So you don’t have to read it in full: the 1776 Report is not simply wrong on its facts. It is actively and intentionally postmodern after the fashion of almost all fascist ideology and argumentation: willfully inauthentic in the manner Sartre used to describe antisemites in their arguments.

If you need an example: after making slavery essentially okay because of its time (this is moral relativism), the report identifies John C. Calhoun as bad because he was, in essence, a moral relativist who denied that slavery was bad. It then draws a line from Calhoun to other relativist dangers in American life, turning immediately to a discussion of progressivism as also relativist because it wanted to apply modern values to correct past wrongs (this is the opposite of moral relativism because past wrongs inherently means universal moral values!) and a danger to the universal value of the consent of the governed. And it does all this by ignoring the millions of moral wrongs that make up slavery, which it dismisses because compromise is important (compromise over morality = well…moral relativism). That’s right: in Trumpland progressives are in fact supporters of oppression and slavery, and moral relativism is a humpty-dumpty term to be defined however the right wishes it to be defined at the moment.

Relativism and inauthenticity here are in reality core to everything the report says: it is an almost inartfully written example of what American fascist ideology looks like. It is, by honest standards, inartful — but it is a masterwork of American fascism.

We will, on January 20, have dodged the first bullet in an ongoing attack on reality and morality from the right, which, if the GOP continues on this course, will continually endanger the ability of the United States to exist.

Make no mistake: the 1776 Report is dangerous, and has folks on the right (Sean Hannity among them) talking about creating re-education camps.

January 20 is the end of nothing. It is the beginning of the fight for what’s left of any chance we have to make the country better than it has been.

And I know I don’t need to express how much of a danger app of this poses to a secular society.

“How long? Not long. Because what you reap is what you sow.”

(Quotes from Rage Against the Machine’s “Bombtrack” and “Know Your Enemy”)