Review of Koren Publishers’ Steinsaltz Reference Guide to the Talmud

This is the promised review of the newly released Koren Publishers’ Reference Guide to the Talmud. I know, I know, I promised at some point to continue the Constructing a Pitch for Humanistic Judaism series; that promise stands. I have a second post partly composed, but I need to get through a few rabbinical school-related tasks before I can return to that; it will be a few weeks yet, I think.

So–onto the review. 

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Book Review: “The Heavens Are Empty”

I’ve recently finished reading Avrom Bendavid-Vol’s The Heavens Are Empty: Discovering the Lost Town to Trochenbrod. If you haven’t seen this book about, it’s a non-fiction account of the history of the town that Jonathan Safran-Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated centers on.

So, what are my impressions?

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