A Quiet Spell

It’s been busy here of late. As I observed to some of my Facebook peeps, that article on dues really stirred up the pot, leading me to conclude that people are either 1) really interested in what I have to say, or 2) really just don’t want to pay synagogue membership dues!

It’s going to be a bit quiet for the next few weeks, however. I have two–two!–trips to Farmington Hills, Michigan (home of the Birmingham Temple) in the next few weeks, including one for a week-long class. Prep for that will be occupying good portions of my time.

In the period between those two trips, I’m lecturing on commercial law on negotiable instruments and payment system for graduate public accountancy students. Reviving all of that material in my brain, preparing slides and group exercises, etc., will take up lots of mental energy. And while I’m certain there are many things I could write about that you’d be interested in, I’m absolutely sure you would not be interested in anomalous endorsements and Federal Reserve regulations on funds availability and check processing. (Okay, well, I know one of you would be, but that person works in banking already.)

All of which is a long way of saying that things will be sedate around here for a few weeks, unless something really grabs my attention.

Never fear, however. As the Austrian Oak would say, “I’ll be back.”