A Maccabean Corrective, or, Really, Tablet? Really!?

I’ve been holding this in, but I can hold no longer.

Tablet Magazine published an article titled, “The Maccabees Would Never Have Canceled ‘The Interview’.” I’m not going to delve into the free speech, North Korea, censorship or not, or other debates going on here; you can get that someplace else.

No, I’m almost literally banging my head against the desk because…Maccabees!?

Let’s get it straight: the Maccabees were pietists. My guess is that had films existed in the second century B.C.E., the Maccabees would have happily slapped a ban on “The Interview”–and likely thousands of other films. They were not 21st century-style First Amendment crusaders; that’s kind of precluded by the whole bit where they were happy to slaughter Jews and Greeks alike who didn’t behave as the Maccabees thought was appropriate.

If you want Sony to release the film, fine. But find a real argument for that–it’s not part of Hanukkah, and it surely isn’t part of the Maccabean worldview.

Like the old ABC public service announcements might say, “The more you know…”