More Secular Humanistic Jewish Blogging!

Rabbi Denise Handlarski of the SHJ-affiliated Oraynu Congregation for Humanistic Judaism in Ontario has started a blog. You should follow her blog, in addition to:

  • Rabbi Adam Chalom’s blog, Shalom from Rabbi Chalom
  • Rabbi Jeffrey Falick’s blog, The Atheist Rabbi
  • And, if I might less-than-humbly suggest as much, this one (I’m just a rabbinical student, so YMMV).

This concludes your regularly-scheduled SHJ promotion for the day. Tze ul’mad: go and study!

3 thoughts on “More Secular Humanistic Jewish Blogging!

  1. Thanks for pointing out the new one, I hadn’t seen it yet. I’ve been disappointed that a search for Jewish Humanists on wordpress gives no results.

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