Kol hakavod to the author of this on Kveller. We need to get this right.

Of course, I think that the humanistic Jewish world already had this right.

2 thoughts on “This.

  1. I like some of the author’s thoughts, but I had to read her blog a couple of times to be sure what her thoughts were:

    (1) Give your kids an unambiguous religious identity. Especially when they’re growing up, they need that kind of solid foundation while they figure out everything else about who they are.

    (2) Giving your kids an unambiguous religious identity is consistent with interfaith marriage, though you might have to work at it a little more than in a single-faith marriage.

    (3) Interfaith marriage is here to stay, so we can either condemn it and lose those families altogether, or accept it and try to help them make it work.

    That’s what I got from it.

    • That’s pretty much what I got. But unfortunately, so much of the messaging over the last fifty years in the Jewish community has been so negative toward at least 3, and probably also 2, that I suspect many people have been actively driven away. That has probably turned out to be harmful toward Jewish life.

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