Yom Kippur Pregame, or, Man I’m Hungry

So, with Yom Kippur around the corner, lots of people wonder how to make it through the fast day.

First of all, not for nothing, but the point of fasting in this context is not a quickie diet or to make you feel good, per se. Just saying.

Second, there are different approaches. Over at PunkTorah, they have a quick little guide to preparing for the fast. I’m going to add a bit to that post, because I’m not sure, from a traditional perspective, it’s particularly complete.

There are a few different approaches to the pregame plan for fasting in the traditional sources. The PunkTorah folks suggest one tradition–eating sparingly the night before–though the point of this in the traditional sources that advocate this approach is not exactly minimizing suffering on Yom Kippur.

The other tradition? Eat up, there, kiddo! The interesting twist on this is that the suggestion is to eat easily digested food, and to taper off on the harder-to-digest portions of those foods earlier on. These would have the effect of leaving you more hungry during Yom Kippur–eating substantial amounts of easily digested food would probably have a tendency to leave you with a somewhat stretched-out stomach that was basically empty.

Now, I’m not your rabbi–I’m not anyone’s rabbi, actually–but I thought I’d add a little color commentary here. In any case, again, if you are fasting, may you have an easy fast.

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